LA FungHi has been receiving praise from reporters in Los Angeles and beyond. 


With an intense, smoky flavor, they’re one of the best of the true wild mushrooms and emblematic of spring.
— Los Angeles Times – David Karp
“Each week I always stop to see, smell and touch one of L.A. Funghi’s weekly finds.”
— West Hollywood Patch – David De Bacco
“He boasts the most incredible mushrooms beautifully displayed billowing out of the baskets: Persimmon Enoki, Lobster, Trumpet, Chanterelles, Oysters.”
— Taste of Pace – Pace Webb

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“During a recent trip to the Old Town Calabasas Farmers Market, I was surprised by the amazing variety of mushrooms at Dirk Hermann’s LA FungHi stand, including crimini and shitake.”
— Jewish Journal – Judy Zeidler

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“Selling a larger variety of mushrooms than I ever imagined even existed, vendor and business owner, Dirk Hermann may as well be named the ‘Master of Mushrooms.’ ”
— South Pasadena Patch – Katharine Ballas

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“Don’t let the hot, dry SoCal summer put you in a mushroom malaise: There’s more than enough earthy fungus to go around at LA FungHi.”
— Tasting Table

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“Hermann [Note: owner of LA FungHi] particularly likes coming to Culver City on Tuesdays because of his devoted customers here.”
— Culver City Patch – Meghan Stettler
“Look for mushrooms from LA Funghi.”
— Eat LA – Colleen Dunn Bates

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“LA Funghi [...] offers a special selection of mushroom varieties year-round, but it also has a stash of the world’s most coveted gourmet items, the black and white truffles that come from France and Italy.”
— West Hollywood Patch – David De Bacco
“Dirk is known as the ‘L.A. Funghi’, and his remarkable assortment of mushrooms can be found at the Sunday Hollywood Farmers Market, and other local farmers markets.”
— OM Chef
“They had an amazing selection of mushrooms, a vast majority of them I’d never even knew existed.”
— Kinda Like a Chef

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“LA Funghi, the wonderful fresh mushroom vendor at the market, always has a beautiful assortment of mushrooms such as portobello, lobster and matsutake, the Japanese cult mushroom that has just come into season.”
— West Hollywood Patch – David De Bacco