Passionate about Mushrooms

When Dirk Hermann, the owner of LAFungHi, was a young boy growing up in the Bavarian Alps, his parents owned a number of restaurants and hotels. During several seasons, mushroom hunters came by and traded mushrooms for meals or beer.

From an early age, Dirk established an affinity for cooking and a passion for mushrooms. From 1979 to 1982 he studied to become a chef, by the age of 18 he owned his first restaurant, Gasthof Drexle, in Agatharied, Hausham, located 45 miles south of Munich, close to Austria in the Bavarian Alps.

During Dirk’s ownership a man named Heini would always come by with several varieties of mushrooms. They would test the consistency, color, and flavor. Then the deal was: How many beers or meals would the man get for those mushrooms?

Dirk also studied to be a master chef at the Bavarian school of hotel management in Altoetting. After graduating, Dirk was hired to teach cooking to those wanting to become a master chef.